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pTDP vs 4 hours of frisbee

Game 1 vs Huckminster Fuller and the Dymaxion Projection & Game 2 vs Pan-Galactic Groove Squad: It is a common misconception echoed by the mainstream media that the approximate maximum a (p)Terodacyl is capable of Frisbeeing is 30 points. Scientists agree that this myth, while based on a loose interpretation of history, is dangerously (even recklessly!) incorrect, … Continue reading

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•Mighty Ducks Fly Together:
pTeradactyls Fly Together

•40 Inspiration Speeches in 2 minutes:
For Dactyls


Game #3
"Excelsior, Excelsior, you make the disc look sexier!"

Game #5
"Knock Knock"
"Who's there?"
"Excelsior who?!"
"Excelsior ROCKS!"

Game #6
"They're tight like unto a disc
they like to take the risk
they throw 'em deep
to make ya weep
they're tight like unto a disc!"

Playoffs Game#1
"Pull, Run, Score
Excelsior means war
Huck, Hammer, Sky
Frisbee till we die!"

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